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About Us

Thank you for visiting Affordable Tree Services which is located on Florence SC.  Our tree service company was born out of a need to give this community the services it deserves. Since we started, we’ve hired qualified experts to make sure we’re providing you with quality service.  Our company is dedicated to providing high quality tree service.  We provide services to homeowners, businesses, and property managers in Florence and surrounding areas. 

We believe that our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other tree companies in the area.  We work closely with you to ensure your trees get they care they need to thrive.  We understand the role that your trees play when is comes to enhancing the value of your property and beautifying the community.  We take great care to ensure your trees are healthy and beautiful.

As the tree service industry changes by the day, we’ve always strived to keep up with the changes and provide our clients with the most reliable service.

We offer unbeatable service at affordable prices.  We know that tree services can be expensive, which is why we always strive to keep our prices competitive.  We offer flexible payment options to keep our services accessible to everyone.  With our modern equipment and technology, we can provide safe and reliable tree service. We provide safe and reliable tree removal in Florence SC.

If possible, we provide minimally invasive services. It’s our pleasure to have a skilled team that will use their knowledge and experience to take care of your trees. We’ll make sure your trees are healthy and your landscape is protected.

As professionals, we’re always committed to delivering excellent service to our customers. All the equipment we use is owned and operated by us. Our services won’t be subcontracted, so you can count on us for safe, reliable work. Emergency tree service is available 24/7 for our clients, and we’re always open.  Thank you for considering us for all of your tree service needs. 

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