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If you are looking for a tree service company in Florence SC, give us a call today.  We specialize in tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, stump grinding and more.  We can also handle your emergency tree needs and tree insect and disease control.

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You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for high-quality tree services in Florence SC and the Pee Dee region. We are certified, 100% insured, and locals know and trust us. Our team can provide you with reliable and affordable tree care.

No matter what you need, our arborists will take care of you. We can help you with basic upkeep, tree pruning, and trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, and emergency tree services.
Explore our services and why we are the preferred tree company in Florence by reading on.

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Tree Removal

Would you like a tree in your yard cut down safely? If so, we’re here to help. It is never recommended that you handle this on your own.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Regular tree trimming can greatly benefit your trees. Our team can improve your trees’ aesthetic appeal and health. 

Stump Grinding

Is there a stump in your yard or on your property that’s unsightly or could be dangerous? Contact us to get it taken care of quickly and safely. 

Emergency Tree Services

Do you have a storm-damaged tree or a tree that looks like it’s about to fall? Are you worried about your home or other structures getting damaged? We can help you with that.

About Our Tree Services

We provide the tree help you need to ensure your outdoor area looks flawless and welcoming to guests. Our adept and hardworking team members can handle any tree-related task. Our team of expert tree care professionals is ready to assist you if you need Florence, SC tree care services
Your home and landscaping can benefit in many ways from trees. In addition to beautifying the space and providing shade, they enrich the air with fresh oxygen.  They can also add significant value to your home.
Unfortunately, the need for tree services may arise from time to time. Like all plants, trees need care from time to time to maintain proper growth and health. Here you will find information on the full range of tree care services we offer to residents of Florence.

Tree Removal In Florence, SC

You should never attempt to remove trees on your own as it is a dangerous and difficult job. Fortunately, our Florence tree care staff includes experienced, certified arborists. We also use the best tree service equipment on the market.
With our team’s expertise, skills, and specialized machinery, we can get the job done correctly and on schedule. Additionally, we can check your trees to determine whether it would be advisable to remove them. In some cases, pruning and performing ongoing maintenance may be all that is needed.
We are meticulous in our tree removal process. An in-person evaluation of the tree will be conducted by our team at your site. We can address your concerns during this evaluation.
An estimate can also be provided during this initial visit. The estimate will take into account several factors, including:
  • The tree’s location
  • The tree’s surroundings
  • The tree’s size
  • The crew needed for the removal
  • Hazards to be aware of
  • Timeframe for removal

A larger tree requires more work, and removal costs will be higher. We will discuss all this with you and answer any questions you may have about our process. We offer emergency branch removal services. We can discuss all this with you at 843-738-1243.  Give us a call today.

Some Common Tree Service Questions

When Should A Tree Be Removed?

A tree should be removed if it is:

  • Dead, diseased, or damaged, and is likely to pose a safety hazard to people and property.
  • Too close to a structure or utility line and could cause damage.
  • Overshadowing or crowding other plants, making it hard for them to get enough light.
  • Outcompeting other desirable plants for water or soil nutrients.
  • Planted it in an inappropriate place, like a sidewalk or driveway, where it might cause damage or get in the way.
  • Blocking a view, shading too much natural light, or just being unattractive.

Why should my tree be trimmed

Some reasons you should trim our tree are:

  • To remove dead or diseased branches that can be a safety hazard and spread disease.
  • To shape the tree and encourage healthy growth by removing branches that rub against each other.
  • To improve the aesthetic appeal of a tree by removing overgrown or unattractive branches.
  • To reduce the risk of damage to property and power lines, by cutting back branches that are getting too close.
  • To improve the tree’s resistance to hurricanes, storms and other environmental stresses by removing weak or damaged branches.
  • Removing excess branches and letting sunlight reach fruit-bearing branches increases fruit production.

What is the Average Cost of Tree Removal in Florence SC

The average cost of tree removal in Florence SC can vary based on multiple factors.  The size of the tree, the location of the tree and the complexity of the job are some of these factors.  Homeowners can expect to pay between $500 and $2000 for tree removal.  Of course, the price can go up significantly if the tree is larger, close to structures, or is in a hard to access area.

Should a Tree Close to a House be Removed?

Not necessarily.  The decision to remove a tree should be based on several factors.  If the tree is healthy and not leaning towards a home, it may be safe to leave the tree.  However, if the tree is dead or dying, leaning towards the home or causing damage to the structure, it should probably be removed.   Also, if the tree is obscuring sunlight or if the roots are causing damage to plumbing or sidewalks, it may be best to remove it.  If you are planting a new tree, we recommend planting it al least 20 feet away from a structure.

Will insurance cover the cost of tree removal?

Insurance coverage for tree removal costs depends on the policy and the circumstances. Tree removal is not normally covered under homeowner’s insurance unless it causes damage to the insured property.
There is a possibility that the policy will cover the costs of removing and repairing the fallen tree in this scenario. There are some insurance policies that offer tree removal as an extended or optional benefit. If you’re wondering if tree removal is covered by your policy, it’s best to review your policy and speak to your provider.

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